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Baby Care Eco Friendly Offering


pure. + organic. + natural

We’ve kept it pure and simple; the way that nature intended.


So while we’re looking after your kids today, we’re also making sure that we’re looking after tomorrow’s. Made from biodegradable materials and free from harmful chemicals – there’s nothing but good stuff, and nothing to hide.

Available for branded and private label manufacturing

Nappies / Nappy Pants

5 packs of biodegradable nappys

Infant 20s / Crawler 18s / Toddler 16s / Walker 14s / Junior 12s

Key Feature:

1. 100% biodegradable outer lining

2. 100% chlorine-free bleached absorbent core

3. Ultra-soft non-woven cover is made of 40% renewable raw materials

4. 40% biodegradable inner lining

5. Made with 40-50% renewable resources from controlled cultivation

6. Environmentally-friendly production

7. Free from TBT, antioxidants, natural latex, lotions or perfumes

8. Recyclable packaging

9. Always dry to the touch – 3-layered absorber for rapid liquid absorption

10. Completely breathable clothing protection film (noticeably gentle to the skin)

11. Sustainable origins

Baby Wipes

3 packs of biodegradable wipes

NZ Water 70s / Goat Milk 70s / Manuka Honey 70s

1. 100% Biodegradable

2. Certified Organic Ingredients

3. 99.7% New Zealand Natural Water

4. Hypoallergenic

5. Dermatologically Tested

6. Designed for Sensitive Skin

7. Made in New Zealand

8. All ingredients are plant based

9. Paraben Free

10. Alcohol Free

11. MIT Free

12. Oil Free

13. No Animal Testing

14. Fragrance Free.

15. ECO Friendly

16. Soap Free


Baby Care Premium Offering

Since the day we bought our very own nappy making machine, we’ve been on a mission to create the perfect nappy. So here you have it, a nappy like no other. We use non-traditional materials which allows us to say a big ‘no thank you’ to lumpy, bumpy and bunching nappies. Thanks to years of research, we can now say that these nappies have double the absorbency while being our lightest creations yet. Genius!

Available for branded and private label manufacturing

Key Feature:

A Different Kind Of Nappy – Our new five layer ultra-thin absorbent inner core made from hi-tech fibre makes for a better performing nappy.

Our Softest Nappy Ever – Gentle on developing and delicate skin.

Stylish Nappy Prints – Making babies’ bums even more adorable.

Ultra-Fast Maximum Absorbency – Babies stay drier and more comfortable for longer.

No Harsh Chemicals – Harmless to babies’ skin

Convenience Pack Range

Infant 20s / Crawler 18s / Toddler 16s / Walker 14s / Junior 12s

4-7kg / 6-11kg / 10-14kg / 13-18kg / 16kg and over


Toddler 13s / Walker 12s / Junior 11s

10-14kg / 13-18kg / 16+kg

Nappies Pants

Bulk Pack Range

Infant 46s / Crawler 40s / Toddler 34s / Walker 30s / Junior 28s

4-7kg / 6-11kg / 10-14kg / 13-18kg / 16kg and over


Toddler 30s / Walker 28s / Junior 26s

10-14kg / 13-18kg / 16+kg

Nappy Pants

Jumbo Pack Range

Crawler 72s / Toddler 64s / Walker 56s / Junior 48s

/ 6-11kg / 10-14kg / 13-18kg / 16kg and over


Toddler 52s / Walker 48s / Junior 44s

10-14kg / 13-18kg / 16+kg

Nappy Pants


Small 12s / Medium 11s / Lage 10s

Nappy Pants

Baby Wipes

private label manufactured wipes

Fragrance Free 72s

branded manufactured Wipes

Light Scented 72s

Baby Care Mainstream Offering

Mini Stars have been in the market for over 3 years, with all the great support from the retailers and our loveable and loyal consumers. We have achieved a lot of success from all the stores we are selling our products in. We are growing our brand and product range at a steady pace across different markets.


We operate in a high-standard factory and we use the most advanced machinery which continues to improve constantly, so we can ensure a low price offering to both retailers and consumers. Not just that, all of our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standard during the manufacturing process. Our end goal is to offer a full range of baby products for all stages of a baby’s growth.

Available for branded and private label manufacturing

Convenience Pack Range

Medium 12s / Large 12s / X-large 12s

Medium 36s / Large 32s / X-large 28sv

Bulk Pack Range

Baby Wipes

Fragrance Free 80s

Light Scented 80s

Baby Care Housebrand / OEM Offering

Since we took over the one of the major chains NZ Private Label contract in September 2017, their sales have almost doubled and they continue to have
massive growth every quarter. Contact us for more information

Zeta Group is the first producer to introduce Nappy Pants priced in line with Nappies. This has caused major shifts in how Nappies and Nappy Pants are manufactured and marketed in both the New Zealand and Chinese markets. In New Zealand, the Nappy Pants category has grown from 4.5% to 32.5% over the last three years. Because of our innovative approach to marketing and manufacturing the majority of the big brands are now following the same concept.

Since Zeta Group took over the manufacturing of Private Label Nappy Pants in September 2017, The private label Nappy Pants has gone from being the bottom ranked Nappy Pants on the market (193) to the top selling sku in the entire category.


We believe this success story is not only limited to New Zealand market. We believe the same result can be achieved in other overseas markets.

Adult Care Offering Lite

Adult Diaper & Pants

Our advanced manufacturing process was specifically invented and engineered to create these light weight, ultra-absorbent adult diapers. Using nontraditional materials and hi-tech fibres, we have produced a high-performance diaper with no lumps, bumps or bursting. With years of research we can now ensure that our diapers have double the absorbency while being our lightest creation yet.

Available for branded and private label manufacturing

Medium 10s / Large 9s / X-large 8s

Adult Disposable Underpads

Large 5s (600x600mm) / X-large 5s (600x900mm)

Adult Wipes

Unscented 64s

Scented 64s

We can do plain or printed boxes.

Adult Care Offering Neat

Neat Extra Absorbent pads is using the softest materials and create to maxi fit your body shape. The breathable multi-layer design provides a
delicate hint of freshness to keep you feeling confident and comfortable all the time.

With Wings Range

Regular Pads 14s / Super Pads 12s / Overnight Pads 10s

No Wing Pack Range

Regular Pads 14s / Super Pads 12s / Overnight Pads 10s

Facial Wipes

Dry & Sensitive Skin 25s

Normal & Combination Skin 25s