Personal Care Manufacturing

We are your full service personal care manufacturer with our eye on the big picture

2018 was a very exciting year for Zeta Group. We started production in our Auckland wipes factory in January – the very first of its kind in New Zealand history. It took a lot of courage to go on this adventure, but we’ve hit the ground running with endless possibilities to explore in the future. By opening a unique personal care manufacturing plant like ours, it gives us the opportunity to create jobs within New Zealand and do our part to contribute to the economy.

robotic arm for lidding baby wipes

All of the wipes that are manufactured in our factory are made with natural New Zealand water. We use 360° liquid recycling during the manufacturing process that results in zero wastage.

Quality control is of the highest importance to us. As our wipes factory is the first of its kind in New Zealand, it’s up to us to set the highest standard of quality that we can in all areas. We enforce strict quality control practices throughout the entire manufacturing process, with each stage being responsible for ensuring that every product that we make is of the highest standard possible.

We do regular in-house testing on all of our products, as well as liaise with local laboratories. Our products are regularly in contact with bare skin, so they are rigorously tested for germs to make sure they meet our high-quality standards. We work with Fort Richard Laboratories to carry out additional product and performance tests. We also work closely with Shieling for research and development on improvements to existing products, as well as thrilling potential innovations for the future.

2 lab techs testing product

Personal Care product innovation and manufacture is at the core of our business. Our brands, including private label, are household names in many markets.

With our own manufacturing plants, and the flexibility afforded by our Machinery Manufacturing division, we’re able to cater to all price points, production runs and quality requirements. Some of the stars in our range include Nateen baby and adult diapers – known across the world as a brand leader in many markets–and Kiddicare, a next-generation product in the nappy sector.

Baby wipes folder factory
Kiddicare toy and logo

Kiddicare is a prime example of personal care manufacturing collaborating with  flexible process engineering to create ground-breaking innovative products. The nappies feature a unique ultra-thin absorbent inner core using non-traditional materials. Absorbent crystals are crushed and distributed throughout the nappy, rather than simply in the base. The result is outstanding absorbency that avoids the sagging seen in conventional nappies.

The success of our established brands and innovative new products is helping drive significant expansion in our Personal Care division. From babies to adults, from South Korea to South America, Zeta Group personal care products are the choice of millions of consumers worldwide.