The reusable cloth roll is one ZETA Group’s latest offerings featuring a wide range of applications across domestic, commercial, and industrial use. These cloth rolls can be made using 100% bamboo designed for household use being both reusable and biodegradable or 100% polyester for a wide range of industrial uses ranging from food preparation to machinery cleaning.

TERRA Biodegradable Nappies

With at least 85% biodegradability TERRA nappies are amongst the most biodegradable, and also some of the softest most convenient nappies available on the market. We combine what is best in nature with human ingenuity and technology to create a nappy that is not only soft on delicate skin but also kinder on the environment.

The TERRA nappy is the result of year’s dedicated work by the ZETA Group Research and Development team, with the goal of creating the most comfortable, convenient and kindest nappy which is soft on baby’s delicate skills, more convenient for parents and kinder on the Earth.

  • Breathable back sheet made with 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber
  • Wetness indicator shows how much the nappy is adsorbed
  • 12+ hours of breathable dryness and protection against nappy rash
  • Suitable for all skin types and dermatologically rated “excellent”
  • 100% USA natural wood pulp
  • High-quality ultra-fast absorbent Japanese SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer)
  • Core wrap components, wrapped with tissue paper
  • 3D leak guards, the active barrier prevents leakage and side spills
  • Crevice leg for faster absorption and no leaks
  • Super absorber pad, sustainable and compostable
  • Ultra-soft high-back waistband for a comfortable yet sung fit every time
  • Soft leg cuff, 100% bamboo fiber
  • Available in a range of sizes for every stage of baby’s development

TERRA Biodegradable Wipes

TERRA bamboo wipes are soft, durable and are infused with a range of organic New Zealand ingredients certified by BioGro NZ creating a wipe that is not only kind on all skin types including the most sensitive ones, but also kind on our Earth as TERRA bamboo wipes are completely compostable.

Manufactured at ZETA Group’s factory in Auckland, New Zealand these wipes adhere to the highest quality standards with all ingredients being rigorously tested by SGS and OEKO-Tek and the cloth used in TERRA biodegradable wipes is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

TERRA Makeup Remover Wipes

TERRA Organic Rose Makeup Remover Wipes with Micellar Water utilises the best nature has to offer in combination to create an unbeatable product without compromise. Micellar water gently removes dirt and oil to help clear from skin, whilst organic rose essential oil soothes skin and relaxes the mind. With every wipe, a combination of coconut oil, aloe vera, and glycerin acts to hydrate your skin, while citric acid helps to balance skin’s pH levels.

Organic ingredients are certified by BioGro NZ
Raw materials are tested by SGS and OEKO-TEX

Bamboo Towels

The bamboo kitchen roll is the next evolution product designed to replace both paper towels and the kitchen sponge with improvements to functionality, cost, hygiene, and sustainability. By being made from a thick 100% Bamboo cloth they are more absorbent with a single sheet being washed out and reused multiple times much like a kitchen cloth with the major advantage of being able to dispose of them carefree by being cheaper and 100% biodegradable before large amounts of harmful bacteria can build upon them.

While paper towels are also 100% biodegradable it is the creation of paper towels that makes them a product causing significant amounts of environmental damage, which is due to the large amounts of deforestation required to create them. A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that the U.S alone consumed 13 billion pounds or almost 6 million tonnes of paper towels per year, the equivalent of 270 million trees. It is in this area that bamboo really begins to show why it is the more environmentally friendly option. While some species of trees on the low end can reach maturity in 10 to 20 years, others can take up to 80 to 120 years to reach maturity. This is in stark contrast to bamboo which will renew itself every 4 months.

Of course, with any purchase, the price is one of the biggest considerations. By having these products be reusable consumers will save money while businesses also generate higher profitability due to less freight and warehousing being required for these products.