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ZETA Group Wet Wipes

At ZETA Group, we have a wipe for every situation. Your success is our success, and our dedicated team of experts can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your requirements.

New Zealand Made Wet Wipes

ZETA Group specialises in manufacturing all kinds of wet wipes, including household cleaning wipes, baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, pet wipes, and more. We are a wipes manufacturer that works with a wide range of materials and can provide a product for every need. From standard disposable wet wipes to eco-friendly biodegradable wipes with uniquely New Zealand health benefits, whatever your needs, we can fulfil them. ZETA Group wipes are guaranteed to be able to enhance yours and your customer’s life.

Whatever your wipes needs are ZETA Group is able to provide yours business with a solution. Many of our existing customers will often come to us for one format of wipes and withern a year have grown to needing multiple other formats. Having one manufacturer of your full range allows to consistant quality across your products and the ability to push into new markets quicker by utilizing split containers.

ZETA Group Products

Baby Wipes

Formulated for delicate skin, ZETA Group baby wipes are decadently soft with no harmful chemicals, and are guaranteed to retain moisture.

Biodegradable Wipes

Made from 100% renewable bamboo fibre and 100% biodegradable, ZETA Group biodegradable wet wipes are our premium wipe. Luxuriously soft with additional skin and health benefits, these are the best choice for an eco-conscious customer.

Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes are a product in high demand in these challenging times. Whether for personal use or professional disinfecting, we offer a variety of products to meet your needs.

Industrial Wipes

A more robust wipe for heavy duty cleaning and wiping.

Beauty and Skincare Wipes

ZETA Group Beauty and Skincare wipes – what you use on your skin matters.

Pet Wipes

At ZETA Group we know that they’re more than just a pet – they’re family.

Household Multi-purpose Wipes

ZETA Group multi-purpose wipes are a convenient solution to all household cleaning needs.

ZETA Group Packaging Options

Flat Pack

Flat pack wipes are one of the most cost efficient, environmentally friendly types of wipes packaging for everyday consumer use. With pack sizes ranging from 30 to 140 wipes per pack and a wide range of variable sizing, the flat pack type of packaging has a variety of different uses.

Advantages of flat pack wipes:

  • Low cost – flat packs only use a small weight of packaging material and can hold many wipes, this creates a much cheaper-per-wipe product.
  • Efficient freight – flat packs are rectangular, this results in no wasted space during transport.
  • Customisable – ZETA Group offers 3 different hole sizes and a range of different lid options.
  • ZETA Group uses a high density plastic packaging material which allows it to be recycled and results in a more premium looking product.

Travel Pack

Travel Packs are the baby of the flat pack style, often used as a convenient size pack of wipes while out and about. Commonly found within the baby, cosmetic, and antibacterial categories. These can be customised with the same options as flat packs, and ZETA Group is able to offer one additional improvement. Whilst many manufacturers are limited to manufacturing flat packs in a square style, ZETA Group also offers very thin rectangular flat packs. This thinner style has been proven to be very popular with female customers as they are thin enough to fit into small pockets in handbags.


The canister style of wipes has dominated the cleaning category across most of the world for years. Canisters are typically able to support much larger wipes and are well liked by consumers due to the convenience of sitting in cup holders and wall mounted brackets well. They also excel at locking in moisture and have a low chance of bacteria entering the pack. While the environmental impact of canisters is concerning, when brands support them with refill packs this both brings environmental and monetary costs down, whilst simultaneously creating long-term customers who will often only purchase the refill packs of the same brand as the canister they own.


The bucket is an upgraded version of the canister and is rarely seen in the household caterogy, but is immensely popular in commercial and industrial use. with ZETA Group supporting an impressive 1600 wipes per bucket along with refill packs for buckets, this is one of the most cost efficient methods for sanitation and cleaning in a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Single Sachet

The single sachet is the ideal packaging for products that are one-time use, or guarantee the absence of any foreign bacteria in it. Because of this, most feminine hygiene and one-time-use hand cleansing products use this type of packaging. With customisable package sizing and a multitude of formulae available, ZETA Group single sachet products enjoy substantial brand representation in industries ranging from Airlines to BBQ restaurants.


Our high-performing, low environmental impact range of nappies make eco-friendly nappies a perfect offering for conscious consumers.

  • More than 90% biodegradable, premium plant-based nappies
  • Breathable, natural layers eliminate nappy rash
  • Unique Eco-plants TechnologyTM for unbeatable absorbency
  • 12+ hours leak free, and dry-to-the-touch
  • 100% cotton leg cuffs and 3D leak guard to precent leakage and side spill
  • Non-toxic and nothing harmful or irritating to delicate skin
  • Home compostable paper packaging printed with foodsafe inksMade with sustainably sourced wood pulp, pure cotton layers, tissue paper, non-GMO corn starch for softness
  • Derma-test. OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textiles
  • Plastic Neutral. Carbon Positive 1 tree planted for every order

NO phthalates
NO fragrances
NO dioxins
NO bleach
NO lotions

Here at ZETA Group, we specialise in eco-friendly wipes and can produce the perfect wipe for every situation.

  • Chose from 100% bamboo fibre, bamboo based viscose, or traditional wipe materials.
  • Customisable packaging to fit the needs and wants of your customers.
  • Specially formulated by our in-house chemist.
  • Wide range of products are safe on delicate skin, hard on industrial grease, and perfect for everything in between.
  • Packed with distinctly New Zealand natural goodies.
  • Wipes available wet or dry with unique uses.
  • The bamboo fibre used in our wipes is FSC certified.
  • Pure, clean, made in New Zealand.

NO phthalates
NO fragrances
NO dioxins
NO bleach
NO lotions

We pick nothing but the best. ZETA Group’s products include the following fantastic ingredients:

  • 100% Renewable Biodegradable Bamboo Fibre
  • Pure New Zealand Water
  • Organic New Zealand Goat Milk
  • Organic New Zealand Manuka Honey
  • Organic Aloe Vera Extract
  • Organic Essential Oils
  • Organic Cotton
  • GMO Free Cornstarch

NO phthalates
NO fragrances
NO dioxins
NO bleach
NO lotions


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bamboo forrest

Bamboo fibre is ZETA Group’s first choice for eco-friendly, biodegradable wipes – but what makes bamboo fibre such a suitable material?