ZETA Group is New Zealand’s leading nappy manufactuer, standing at the forefront of conventional and eco-nappies.

With years of experience under our belt, our dedicated R&D teams are sure to be able to provide the perfect solution for you, and our manufacturing facilities based in China will be able to supply you in a timely and affordable manner.

ZETA Group produces nappies for all price bracket, and each nappy is carefully constructed from high quality materials with no harmful chemicals used in the process with a rigorous follow-up quality check, making ZETA Group nappies perfect for babies’ sensitive skin.


We pride ourselves not only on our range of eco-friendly products, but also the fact we are an eco-friendly workplace. We provide a range of eco-friendly products suitable for an eco-friendly family.

Made in beautiful New Zealand, ZETA Group can provide a full range of eco-friendly nappies, nappy pants, and wipes, rounding out a full product lineup.

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bamboo forrest

Bamboo fibre is ZETA Group’s first choice for eco-friendly, biodegradable wipes – but what makes bamboo fibre such a suitable material?