Bamboo Biodegradable Wipes

Non-biodegradable wet wipes, which are predominately made of viscose, polyester or a mixture of the two are amongst the largest contributors of microplastics in our oceans and contribute hundreds of thousands of tonnes of plastic waste to landfill annually. Consequently, many consumers are demanding plant-based alternatives to plastic-based wipes.

ZETA Group is a specialist when it comes to the manufacture of plant-based wipes from our New Zealand  based facility. Our bamboo wipes are mechanically not chemically processed. Using 100% natural fibres means that they will biodegrade, where oil-based plastics will not breakdown. Zeta Group bamboo wipes are certified biodegradable by RespirTek a leading bioenvironmental laboratory in New Zealand.

Bamboo cloth makes some of the highest quality wipes available as it is both strong and soft to the touch. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in nature with stems regenerating within approximately four months. Additionally, bamboo is known to help prevent soil erosion due to its shallow roots system. The bamboo cloth used in ZETA Group’s products is fully certified under OECD guidelines that test and certify the Anaerobic Biodegradability of Organic Compounds. Under these guidelines, our bamboo wipes are certified to break down within a short period of time under composting conditions.

Wherever possible, we source organically produced raw materials. For example, the Mānuka honey we use, to are certified organic by BioGro New Zealand.

Plastic waste is not only a major contributor to landfills but can also release toxic chemicals into the environment if incinerated. A basic test to demonstrate the amount of plastic contained within a wipe is a burn test*. A plastic-based cloth releases a noxious black smoke of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (BCP) along with other toxic particulates whilst plant-based wipes will release mostly carbon and water and will burn cleanly leaving behind no black residue.

* We strongly recommended that this test is conducted in controlled conditions with full safety protocols in place.