ZETA Group is one of the leading manufacturers of both conventional and biodegradable nappies/diapers. We maintain this position by being innovative mixed with a healthy dose of practical New Zealand ingenuity coupled with specialist R&D teams, utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology and flexible manufacturing practices giving our customers the optimal result every time.

Working closely with our customers ZETA Group provides custom solutions to produce the right nappy design at the right price point with nimble manufacturing to meet almost every budget and requirement.

Nappy Pants

Nappy pants sometimes referred to as pull ups or training pants are a transition between nappies/diapers and normal underwear.

Traditionally nappy pants have had a higher retail price with some consumers discouraged from purchasing these sorts of products. ZETA Group adopted an innovative solution by modifying our nappy product lines to produce nappy pants at a much more competitive price point plus with similar features and quality that would be found in a normal nappy giving the end consumer the best of both worlds.

This innovative out-of-the-box thinking encapsulates the approach taken at ZETA Group always searching for the most inventive solutions to meet the needs of our customers and at retail prices consumers will love. This new way of thinking was so successful for one supermarket customer they experienced a 30% increase in sales of nappy pants within a two-year period.   

Available Special features provided by ZETA Group

If your current nappies are missing any of these key features, come talk to us today and find out how we can keep babies drier and happier for longer

Crevice Leg

By installing the crevice leg feature into nappies ensures faster absorption and improved protection against heavy flows

High Back Waist

The high back waist is an essential high quality feature in nappies. Providing both a softer more comfortable fit and preventing leaking out the back of nappies

Ultra Fast Absorbent

The proprietary five layer technology contained in our inner core provides improved absorption capacity, absorption rate ensuring the topsheet remains dry