At ZETA Group, we pride ourselves on being the nappy manufacturing experts. By continuing to invest in research & development coupled with new manufacturing technologies we are able to have a greater focus upon sustainability whilst enhancing the premium quality of the nappies we produce. As consumers globally continue to place greater emphasis upon sustainable practices as part of their product purchasing decisions, ZETA Group strives to create products that not only exceed the expectations of consumers but at the same time are less harmful to the environment.

Produced from up to 85% plant-based biodegradable materials and free from harmful harsh chemicals, ZETA Group offers a range of different sustainability-focused nappies to fit the requirements and needs of most consumers. The plant-based ingredients used in ZETA Group’s nappies are of high quality and are sourced from a variety of locations globally including Australia, United States and Japan.

This range of plant-based nappies features patented proprietary technology developed in New Zealand ranging from 70% up to 85% plant-based materials and out-performs the world’s most popular brands in absorption capacity, absorption speed, and rewet testing.


ZETA Group’s sustainably focused plant-based nappies use ultra high-quality Japanese Sumitomo and Sandia SAP (super absorbent polymer) which when combined with our unique five-layer inner core, provides up to 30% greater absorbency than most leading brands.

Nappy Rash Prevention

Providing our nappies with a super soft embossed top sheet significantly reduces the potential for nappy rash as it ensures less fabric is touching the baby’s delicate skin. No harsh or harmful chemicals means that there is a far lower chance of there being anything that could cause a baby to feel irritation or an allergic reaction.

No Leaks

A high waistband and active 3D leak guards significantly reduces the risk of leakages that can occur in nappies without these features.

Nappy Biodegradability

Though the innovative use of PLA (polylactic acid) Cornstarch, ZETA Group’s nappies are amongst the most biodegradable nappies on the market, with over 85% of the material within the nappy being biodegradable and breaking down within a short period of time under the right conditions such as in a commercial composting facility or if the end-user has access to a home composting system.

The key components of ZETA Group’s plant-based nappies have been certified as fully compostable by Vincotte, the renowned Belgian certification organization, and the overall biodegradability is in excess of 85%.

Sustainable plant-based nappies produced by ZETA Group are the best choice for you, your customers, and are kinder to the environment. Lovingly created with predominately natural and biodegradable ingredients, even the packaging is certified 100% compostable (conforming to EU and US standards) if disposed of correctly in a home or commercial system or facility.