Antibacterial Wipes

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Antibacterial Wipes 

Antibacterial wipes are one of the leading products in ensuring homes, businesses and transport is clean and safe. By utilizing local suppliers we are able to provide certified antibacterial wipes in your own brand  with only a three week lead time. Zeta Group also supports the use of Air freight for products needed urgently.

Cloth options available 

100% Bamboo Fiber 55Gsm Biodegradable (Sizes avilable Length 120 to 220mm Width 200mm)

40% Viscose 60% Polyester 50Gsm (Sizes avilable Length 120 to 220mm Width 200mm)

50% Viscose 50% Polyester 45Gsm (Sizes avilable Length 120 to 220mm Width 200mm)

30% Viscose 70% Polyester 40Gsm (Sizes avilable Length 120 to 220mm Width 180mm)

Terra Antibacterial Wipes 

Terra Antibacterial Wipes are made from 100% 55gsm Bamboo Fiber, mixed with Benzalkonium Chloride, Bronopol Water and Soybean Bean Amino Acid designed to kill 99% of bacteria.

Product Specifications

Wipe cloth dimensions: 200mm x 170mm

Wipes per pack: 40

Packs per carton:6

Minimum order quantity’s for export: 40000 packs (20ft container fill)

Price: Contact +64 9 275 2998  or email