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We are your full service provider with our eye on the big picture

We believe success means not being afraid to do things differently, to think outside the box, and to always seek better ways to bring everyday solutions to life. At Zeta Group, we’re committed to delivering innovative ideas and creative solutions in the manufacture of personal care goods.

With over 600 employees in our headquarters and operations across Asia-Pacific, we produce and supply a range of well-known brands, particularly in the Personal Care category. As a New Zealand owned and operated business, we’re focused on delivering a standard that Kiwis are proud of. This approach has seen us grow the reach of all acquired private label products, while also producing our own brands that customers recognise for their high level of both quality and customer care.

But there’s more to Zeta Group than the products we sell to customers in 46 countries. One element in particular is perhaps the secret of our success: our Machinery Manufacturing division.

Having the capacity to engineer and manufacture our own personal care production machinery gives Zeta Group a unique edge. It means there is no constraint on our creativity and innovation. If we come up with a better way of doing something or a way to apply innovative materials, we’re not held back by the limitations of existing plant and facility design: we simply create our own.

This brings huge advantages, and has let us introduce entirely new product designs that simply outclass existing suppliers.

Personal Care Manufacturing
(China I New Zealand I Nigeria)

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Group turnover in excess
of 500 million USD

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We have over 500 products
across different categories

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A staff of 600 committed
employees worldwide.

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We have customers in over 46
countries in the world.

Our involvement in many sectors and different markets is supported by a dedicated, group-wide Sales and Marketing division. The team has specialist knowledge in personal care manufacturing and extensive industry contacts in and around the personal care.

Our sales and marketing expertise is there not just to support our own operations, but to provide active support to our customers and partners. From market research to product development and sourcing, right through to in-market communications, Zeta’s sales and marketing professionals can deliver it all.

Zeta Group World Wide Brands

We enforce strict quality control practices throughout the entire manufacturing process. During each stage of the process we ensure that every item produced is of the highest standard possible.

Manufacturing Certifications

New Zealand FernMark Licensee

Zeta Group (NZ) Limited has been granted the FernMark Licence
No. NZFM100188

All wipes brands will carry a FernMark logo and licence number- a country of origin symbol for new Zealand issued by the New Zealand Government.

New Zealand made manufacturer